I believe in Nascar. Before you can even think of a nasty comment, they just passed you three times, and made more money than you do in a week. Not so skeptical now, are you? I ain’t no redneck, I am only partly southern, and yes, I love Nascar. This “fad” for me started about a couple of years ago and hasn’t stopped since. People dedicate their lives, time, and hearts into this thing we call a job, all for the ultimate prize: To win the championship.

Some of you may think that Nascar is just another sport on ESPN, but its not. People risk their lives, every Sunday, to go to victory lane. For example, Dale Earnhardt Sr. gave his life to his job. It was February 18th, 2001, at the Daytona 500, when he crashed into a wall, snapping his neck, dying instantly. This deeply affected his son, Dale Earnhardt Jr., who is currently racing in the Sprint Cup Series.

Nascar has some common qualities with other sports, especially with time consumption. Just because they only race once a week, doesn’t mean that they don’t have to train just like any other sports. Not only that, but they have to qualify before every race. They are so dedicated to their job, that they don’t even have time to be at their houses. In fact, out of 43 drivers, very few own houses (some just have trailers).

Lastly, all of their hearts go into their job and most importantly, their lifelong hobby. All of them love what they do. From age 19 to past 50, they all have the same passion. They would do anything and help any of their teammates…. And that’s not a part of the job. They really do care and that’s all that matters… besides winning the championship.

As you can see, Nascar isn’t just about turning left for hours on end. It is a sport, it is a passion, and it is their job.