Book: The Gifts of Imperfection       Pages: 0-23                    For Friday, the 29th of October

I started by reading the introduction of this book, calming myself down. I was in a quiet room, and this book, so far, has been everything that I needed. She started by talking about how she wanted to spread the word of whole heartedness, which is the purpose of this book. The definition of wholehearted is simply this: You are very devoted, kind, trustworthy, loving, enthusiastic, and many other things. When she is talking aobut the gifts of imperfection, she is pointing out the struggles in our lives, and twisting them in a way so they seem like gifts; something to be thankful for. She shared her struggle trying to reach out to parents, when no hope was there and how being brave takes a lot of courage, especially for her daughter, Ellen. She showed me how different friends, can help you in different ways, according to their personalities. Throughout her younger years, she was always trying to be the “poster child sister” for her other siblings. She eventually found out that it wasnt helping her, so she tried to be herself, along with some help of her youngest sister, Ashley.

                       This book has actually been very soothing for me. It was easy to jump into it, thinking that I could accomplish something. I feel better and cleansed already. I dont dread reading this at all. Im going to focus on me, now. I need to fall under the wholeheartedness category for the sake of me and others. I love how she is using references from her real life experiences to teach me a lesson, good or bad. Im comfortable reading this, with no complications. All I need now is an open heart, and an open mind.