Book: The Gifts of Imperfection             Pages 24-80                Date Due: Friday, November 5th

Response: I had to read a lot of pages, so I will try my best to summarize all of these pages. The greatest challenge for us, is being worthy right now, this minute, when its ok not to be perfect. We always say that we will be worthy or good enough if we do this or that, but its not about making everyone else happy, is about us making ourselves happy. She talks about love in one of her sections. Everyone needs it to cooperate, behave, be happy, to function. Without it, we fall to the ground and corrupt. We numb. We have pain. Everyone needs at least one source of love. She got invited to an event called the UP experience which is based around the TED talks (Mr. Adams will be very proud). She got to meet famous people and people from the TED videos. The reason why she got invited was to talk about her profession as a shame researcher (funny how she is using it in this book huh?). The lady who was running this event thought that she was a happy, joy researcher, so when the lady heard this, she snapped. Brene (the author) was expected to talk about happiness, which she wasnt too happy about =, but, she had to go out of her way to do it. The meeting ended up going well but she realized that she was leasing the wrong people. She was lying to people to please them and she knew it wasnt right. At one point, she talked about the difference of guilt and shame. She pointed out that guilt is I did something bad but shame is I am bad. She used many examples that related to her own life. She mentioned that when you want to tell someone how you feel, never be too informative and dont make peole feel uncomfortable, but get to your point so they will understand. One of the last things she said was to always make room for yourself in your day. In other words, always review your day and look over the things that you have done fo yourself or the good things that you have done for other people.

This book was really fun to read for the next 30 pages or so but then, honestly, it got really boring. I kind of didnt like this for a while, but now Im back on track, and liking it again.  

My homework was to read to page 80 or 100 in my book. And I read to 80 so I would say that Im on track.