Part 1:  Book: __The gifts of Imperfection__________  Pages: _81__ to _end of book 130__     Due Date:  12 Nov

– Here, write a two paragraph (a paragraph being 5-7 sentences) summary or response to your reading

Going through our brains, the author told me how our brains need other imput besides our own to function correctly. We are afraid that if we use our own opinions and facts, all of the blame will be on us, so we have to find another resource. Not knowing an answer to a complicated question is not that big of a deal, we just make it that way because we need something to blame or rely on. Being yourself counts on every aspect in your life. You shouldnt think about what other people would think about you or what was uncool if you did something that you were enjoying or what was meaninful to you. Never let anyone get in your way.  
 \Part II:  Write your academic plan for the following week.  Please include:

– Number of pages you plan to read (and it needs to be a good-sized chunk)

Since I finished this book, I am putting another book on hold for next tuesday. I plan on reading about 40ish pages.

– A one paragraph (5-7 sentence) statement that answers the following 3 questions:

1.  How is the reading going?  Too easy?  Too difficult?  Somewhere in between?

The reading has been going ok. I am kind of stressed at the moment because I have lots of other assignments going on but it went fine. But at the same time, i felt like I had to rush it to meet the deadline.

2.  What does your reading make you want to learn more about?

At the moment, Im not sure if its really expanding my horizons quite yet (or maybe Im just tired).  It makes me want to read about happyness.

3.  Do you have any ideas for a short or long-term project that you’d like to accomplish based on what you’re reading?  Or, can you list one or two other books you’re thinking of reading?

Im thinking about reading the “How of Happiness”. And for a project, I dont really have anything creative up my sleeve so I was just thinking about reading more and writing a book report or something on what I read.