Part 1:  Book: __The How of Happiness__________  Pages: _0__ to 40 Due Date:  12 Nov

– Here, write a two paragraph (a paragraph being 5-7 sentences) summary or response to your reading

The author started by trying to get to where our point of unhappiness was. She said that what we would most think would make us happy and change our lives, wont. It will only be that way for a short period of time. Like money, it could make us happy, but only for a short time. There were some quizzes in the book that I took that showed me my happiness scale and stuff like that.

Part II:  Write your academic plan for the following week.  Please include:

– Number of pages you plan to read (and it needs to be a good-sized chunk)

I plan on reading to at least page 100.

– A one paragraph (5-7 sentence) statement that answers the following 3 questions:

1.  How is the reading going?  Too easy?  Too difficult?  Somewhere in between?

It’s going pretty well. I think that its actually a pretty easy book to read, just hard to pay attention too. At some parts, it gets boring, but then it gets better.

2.  What does your reading make you want to learn more about?

It makes me want to read more about happiness research and how it affects people. 

3.  Do you have any ideas for a short or long-term project that you’d like to accomplish based on what you’re reading?  Or, can you list one or two other books you’re thinking of reading?

I think that I want to continue reading this book, and put together a book report or something. If I did this, would I be presenting it or just turning it in?