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My basic goal is to learn more about happiness and how things are accomplished in life. Maybe I would consider learning more about peace and how the world is trying to cope with having none. I think that anything on these topics would help me accomplish more.

My second priorities are learning more on math and numbers, such as finance or accounting. I have also thought about learning more about animals and their behavior towards other animals and humans.

By May of 2011, I’d like to have a lot more knowledge on what I am focused on for life. As in my job, my hobby, where I’m headed in life. Some of this includes the things I said above.

A more immediate goal for me is understanding numbers, happiness, and animals is to read and research more on these topics. I want to have reasonably clear and supportable opinions about the following questions:

1. Why do people have dreams and nightmares?

2. Why is it always a stereotype that guys are tougher than girls?

3. If George Washington was never placed on this Earth, would there have ever been a 1st president?

4. Why does the English language have to be so difficult to the point here we have 2 different words with the same meaning?

5. If all of us were successful, would there be a need to be poor?

6. Over all, would the pros out way the cons or would it be vice versa towards the following question: Has technology done more good or more bad to our lives?

7. How can one say that recycling is good for the community and it saves energy and products, when it actually takes energy and more equipment to make the product recycleable/ re-used?

8. How come everything in english is always spread; rumors, secrets, viruses.. etc.

9. How come Fashion and music and stuff evolves from era to era?

10. How come all of the other countries are more poor than the US?

The 10 books on a scale from 1-10; 1 being best; 10 being worst:

1. The Nine Rooms of Happiness

a. Lucy Danziger and Catherine Birndorf, MD
b. 2010

c. non- fiction

d. I think it will be about not fussing over the little things and finding yourself in your happy place.

e. Only customer reviews

f. I put it on hold for Douglas County Libraries and I am #1 on the waiting list.

2. The Emotional Lives of Animals

a. Marc Bekoff

b. 2007

c. non- fiction

d. I think that it will be on an animal’s point of view in life.

e. Publishers Weekly

f. I put it on hold for Douglas County Libraries and I am #1 on the waiting list.

3. Some We Love, Some We Hate, and Some We Eat

a. Hal Herzog

b. 2010

c. non- fiction

d. He will probably try to justify the difference in animals and try to find out why they are all different in our eyes.

e. Publisher’s Weekly

f. I didnt order it but its on I looked at it on December 7th.

4. Eating Animals

a. Jonathan Safran Foer

b. 2009

c. non- fiction

d. Maybe he willl talk about the risks and the benefits of eating animals.

e. Publisher’s Weekly

f. I havent ordered it but its on I looked at it on December 9th.

5. The Happiness Project

a. Gretchen Rubin

b. 2009

c. non- fiction

d. I think that it will be about a girl who is inventing her own project, trying to make herself happier.

e. Publisher’s Weekly

f. I havent ordered it but I found it on I looked at it on December 7th.

6. A Writer’s Workbook

a. Caroline Sharp  

b. 2000

c. non- fiction

d. This book will hopefully give me daily things to work on and do if I feel upset.

e. Review

f. I havent ordered this but I found it on I looked at it on December 7th.

7. The Accounting Game

a. Darrell Mullis and Judith Orloff

b. 1998

c. non- fiction

d. It’s basically accounting for beginners.

e. Amazon Reviewer

f. I havent ordered it but I found it on I looked at it December 7th.

8. Happiness

a. Will Ferguson

b. 2001

c. non- fiction

d. Achieving happiness ( I’m hoping )

e. and Publisher’s Weekly

f. I havent ordered it but I found it on I look at it on December 9th.

9. Animal, Vegetable, or Woman?: A Feminest Critique of Ethical Vegetarianism.  

a. Kathryn Paxton George

b. doesnt say

c. non- fiction

d. I think that its gonna be about on a woman’s point of view on vegetarianism.

e. none

f. I didnt order it but I found it on I looked at it on December 9th.

10. Accounting Workbook for Dummies

a. John A. Tracy, CPA

b. 2006

c. non- fiction

d. It would help me learn more about accounting

e. no reviews

f. Havent ordered.


Part 1:  Book: __The How of Happiness__________  Pages: _40__ to 80 Due Date:  12 Nov

– Here, write a two paragraph (a paragraph being 5-7 sentences) summary or response to your reading

She shared some peoples happiness problems and how they solved them so they had happier life. She showed a graph of peoples happiness towards other things and stuff like that. She looked into family situations and found out that twins share a better family life and tend to have more fun. I took a quiz that was determined to found out what came more naturally to us, within the realm of happiness. And one last thing she did was look into genes and see if the happiness was genetic.

Part II:  Write your academic plan for the following week.  Please include:

– Number of pages you plan to read (and it needs to be a good-sized chunk)

I plan on reading to maybe 135 or 140.

– A one paragraph (5-7 sentence) statement that answers the following 3 questions:

1.  How is the reading going?  Too easy?  Too difficult?  Somewhere in between?

It’s easy to read but it keeps getting me bored. I might want to change books but hopefully it will get better.

2.  What does your reading make you want to learn more about?

I dont know if this book is making me want to learn more about this particular subject but I kind of want to study animals….

3.  Do you have any ideas for a short or long-term project that you’d like to accomplish based on what you’re reading?  Or, can you list one or two other books you’re thinking of reading?

The final bib post is the final project, right?

Book: The Gifts of Imperfection             Pages 24-80                Date Due: Friday, November 5th

Response: I had to read a lot of pages, so I will try my best to summarize all of these pages. The greatest challenge for us, is being worthy right now, this minute, when its ok not to be perfect. We always say that we will be worthy or good enough if we do this or that, but its not about making everyone else happy, is about us making ourselves happy. She talks about love in one of her sections. Everyone needs it to cooperate, behave, be happy, to function. Without it, we fall to the ground and corrupt. We numb. We have pain. Everyone needs at least one source of love. She got invited to an event called the UP experience which is based around the TED talks (Mr. Adams will be very proud). She got to meet famous people and people from the TED videos. The reason why she got invited was to talk about her profession as a shame researcher (funny how she is using it in this book huh?). The lady who was running this event thought that she was a happy, joy researcher, so when the lady heard this, she snapped. Brene (the author) was expected to talk about happiness, which she wasnt too happy about =, but, she had to go out of her way to do it. The meeting ended up going well but she realized that she was leasing the wrong people. She was lying to people to please them and she knew it wasnt right. At one point, she talked about the difference of guilt and shame. She pointed out that guilt is I did something bad but shame is I am bad. She used many examples that related to her own life. She mentioned that when you want to tell someone how you feel, never be too informative and dont make peole feel uncomfortable, but get to your point so they will understand. One of the last things she said was to always make room for yourself in your day. In other words, always review your day and look over the things that you have done fo yourself or the good things that you have done for other people.

This book was really fun to read for the next 30 pages or so but then, honestly, it got really boring. I kind of didnt like this for a while, but now Im back on track, and liking it again.  

My homework was to read to page 80 or 100 in my book. And I read to 80 so I would say that Im on track.

Book: The Gifts of Imperfection       Pages: 0-23                    For Friday, the 29th of October

I started by reading the introduction of this book, calming myself down. I was in a quiet room, and this book, so far, has been everything that I needed. She started by talking about how she wanted to spread the word of whole heartedness, which is the purpose of this book. The definition of wholehearted is simply this: You are very devoted, kind, trustworthy, loving, enthusiastic, and many other things. When she is talking aobut the gifts of imperfection, she is pointing out the struggles in our lives, and twisting them in a way so they seem like gifts; something to be thankful for. She shared her struggle trying to reach out to parents, when no hope was there and how being brave takes a lot of courage, especially for her daughter, Ellen. She showed me how different friends, can help you in different ways, according to their personalities. Throughout her younger years, she was always trying to be the “poster child sister” for her other siblings. She eventually found out that it wasnt helping her, so she tried to be herself, along with some help of her youngest sister, Ashley.

                       This book has actually been very soothing for me. It was easy to jump into it, thinking that I could accomplish something. I feel better and cleansed already. I dont dread reading this at all. Im going to focus on me, now. I need to fall under the wholeheartedness category for the sake of me and others. I love how she is using references from her real life experiences to teach me a lesson, good or bad. Im comfortable reading this, with no complications. All I need now is an open heart, and an open mind.


“ When Your Pet Dies: Dealing With Your Grief and Helping Your Children Cope (9780595092475): Christine Adamec: Books.” Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Oct. 2010.
“ When Your Pet Dies: Dealing With Your Grief and Helping Your Children Cope (9780595092475): Christine Adamec: Books.” Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Oct. 2010. <;.


 I think that this book is about animal loss and finding a better way to deal with the sadness for both you and your kids. It may quite possibly help you reflect your happier times with your pet.

         I chose this book because I am very fond and soft hearted when it comes to animals. I dont have lots of animal losses, but when they do happen, I get very emotional. I think that this would be a good book for me.

Brown, Brene. “ The Gifts of Imperfection:…..(I wasnt able to paste the mla)

I would say that this book is about self- motivation and your journey to getting there. Its a way of showing yourself how you are worth it, and not caring about what other people think. It helps with your appearance of yourself, to yourself. The basic way to decribe this is finding you inner happiness.

I would like to read this book because happiness has somehow left my life for some period of time. I want to know what its like to finally laugh at myself again, and to start excepting me, for me. I want to laugh at something silly, even though it may be pointless. Self acceptance will hopefully be my start on the road to happiness.